Dreams Do Come True

Hello, I will continue on the same track as I can not believe that this is happening to me, Me Malin, a little girl from Arboga who has just too often felt like she is not worth that much .. As the HSP (highly sensitive person) person I obviously is, Things gets stuck inside me, some things more than others. When people I admire, see me and like me. They are kind to me, give me so much more than what I have ever hoped for. My eyes are filled with tears just when I think about it. I can not describe correctly how much this meant to me that I had to meet and do my art on Jay Buchanan. As many years as I have listened to Rival Sons, read and sang their lyrics, cried and gained power through them. I have enjoyed their old live shows on youtube and then seen a girl giving a blow job on one of their concerts. So many nice memories haha.

As you may understand, I’ve met Jay again and continued on his sleeve. At the beginning of the week we got in touched because on Friday 16th June they played in Malmö. We watched some opportunities if there was time to tattoo a little. Then he confirms later that I can be in Malmö until 12pm on Friday. Just like last unfortunately, I had to cancel my Friday customer, Forgive me Julia, really will make this up for you! <3
Jacob, who owns our studio, has a brother who has a studio in Malmö. That’s where I can borrow a place. Jay is coming there! I’m nervous this time as well haha ​​.. think you can never get used to this ..
We tattooed and update about life a little. Jacob’s wife comes by and says hello together with her boss. Then Jay says he has to go to soundcheck “- yes shit, now ?!” thinking yes. Ah okay, picking up my stuff o I hope I have material with me so I can manage to set up one more station. We will take a taxi to Kulturbolaget. I’m say “Hi” to everyone else in the band, they recognize me. Unreal ! But it makes me happy, they are so nice! So I’ll have some food there while watching when their sound check. I said when I tattooed Jay before my favorite Rival Son’s song right now is My Nature. Then on the soundcheck, I hear how he talks about that song with the others and then they rehearsing it. It is such a good song!! I’m getting a little torn in secret. It’s great to hear it live, and Jay said they never played it live earlier. He does not usually let others choose songs, but technically I did not really choose it, but he chose to play it because I said it was amazing. Hihi, happy!

We tattooed for an hour more before he had to go on stage. I got a small sneak peak on the songs for the new album, it will be awesome !! Already have some favorites !!
Then it was time for the gigg, I strolled around with my “Rival Sons All Accsess” pass, I met Markus, Jacob and Linda outside. Jay had asked me before if it was okay for me to join them on the tourbus to Stockholm after the show. Because we didn’t finished the sleeve this day. Well, YES, just had to move the same customer again, but I could never imagine I would join their tourbus. Sick !! Forgive me Julia ..again ..!
So yes, I do not even have to mention the show because it was as always damn fucking awesome !!
As if not just this whole thing is a dream come true already !!! I get my own little bunkbed and we will take some beer together on the bus before bedtime. So, soak up! Jay says a lot of wisdom words about life and love. I am so grateful that I’m here, oh so glad that everyone is so wonderful! <3 I wake up 8 in the morning inside and backstage of Gröna Lund. Try to get a few hours more sleep but wake up by people passing by my curtain. I’m thinking that everyone is already gone, do not want to lose a lot of tattoo time so I get up! The bus is empty so I get a little panic. Opens the door and see the photographer from last night! “Hey where did you come from?” he says. He had not realized I joined them hehe. We took a cup of coffee together then I sat in the back of the bus and watched a Queen concert on TV. Took a few photos of all the funny Gröna Lund costumes that passed outside. Texted my mother that everything is fine and Everyone is kind to me :)
It turned out that everyone was sleeping so I had not missed anything. The bassist comes up and I joined him for breakfast / lunch.
Then I thought start packing up my stuff in Jay’s dressing room to prepare. Then I met Jay there. So we get started with the tattoo around one, two maybe. Listen to lots of good music, talk, he’s getting interviewed by Gröna Lund, posted on their instagram. I force him to lie in weird position on the couch so I can tattoo the back of his arm. Haha, it looks pretty funny, Todd who plays the keyboard takes a few photos of us hehe. But then suddenly it’s an hour before Jay has to be on stage! Fuck, I’m not ready this time either! Oooh fuck …. I want it to be ready before they release their new album. I don’t want him to go around with a half-finished sleeve when they are going to make an album cover and music videos and stuff …. fuck ..
Oh well, it’s the way it is. Do not really want to hurry it either. This is going to be the best I’ve ever done! Then it’s time for gigg again. Jay prepares and warms up, I pick up my stuff. Then I put some make up on and getting ready too. Scott, the guitarist in the band says I can stand wherever I want during the show. So I’m sneaking out on stage hihi. They are playing quite awesome, as always! Jay thanks me so much again on stage <3 I’m just trying to live in the moment and enjoy the moment. This year he keeps the plastic on during the whole show hehe. So when they step off the stage, everyones is gathering backstage and toasts for a great show. Some people come in to greet the band. Jay goes up and take a shower so I’ll help him with the plastic again.
He takes up some of what we said there in that moment last year. He is so nice, so thoughtful! He wants me to come home properly after Stockholm that they will try to solve it for me.
I have (again) just moved my poor customer Julia one day. But the connections between Stockholm and Helsingborg were not as good as I had hoped for. But the band drives to Poland during the evening so it turned out that I can go south with them to get closer to home before they heading to the ferry. So yep, it’s just to take a shot tequila and jump on that bus again. This time there’s a party, day off the following day. We listen to the new album, talk a lot of crap and drink beer, whiskey and tequila. It’s a great fun evening! Surprised that I got this chance to experience all this! I’m getting a bit of separation anxiety when Jay is going to bed. He is such a great person, he’s so nice in every way! I’m so so grateful for being here!
But yes, of course, I’m partying with the photographer, guitarist and keyboardist. Then I slept on the couch at the back of the bus until the bus driver wakes me up at 6.00 to drop me off in a roundabout outside Malmö hehe .. Then I take a cab home from there. Just fell asleep when I got home. Thank God, me and Julia moved her tattoo time to another day. Otherwise, I’ve had fallen asleep at work ..


And by the way, we have had a lot of fun drop in in the studio, both at Queens Of Pop and later in the studio during the HX Festival! There have been a lot of people who we are very grateful for!

Then I went to Stockholm (Studio Blanco Tattoo) again and after that Iceland Tattoo Expo! Then the last weekend os september, I will join Jacob to London at the big London Convention. I’m not going to work because it’s really hard to get a place there. But I’m hanging out there and of course I’m going to Camden to visit some friends :)
Then I will work at the Brussels Tattoo Convention in November this year again! Coming back with more funny pictures when I get my photoshop up and running again! Take Care // Malin C

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