I’m gonna follow my Joy

Hey, sorry for being silent for so long. This past year 2018 has really been eventful. I am very happy that I moved to Helsingborg, one of my better decisions. Although I miss friends and family at home. Feeling good at the studio, this is really people I want to surround myself with! My apartment also feels great and Helsingborg as a city is great with the sea and everything! Love to take walks along the shore before I go home, just to watch the sunset and calm down a bit.
Even though I only lived here for a year now, my calendar is more fully booked than ever and the email just raining down my mailbox. So my old customers who are used to chatting with me a bit all the time. Unfortunately, you have to accept the fact that I do not respond as often as I used to. I have decided to keep the handwritten calendar just because I should not sit and work around the clock and be completely burnt out. I have days when I answer all the emails in order. Just be patient with me!

Oh by the way I have met Rival Sons again but I will not talk about it in this post also haha! But of course it was amazing as usual !!!

Will work at the Swedish Tattoo Convention in Norrköping last weekend in April.
Later Prison Ink in Denmark
Maybe we should tattoo in a tent at Copenhell festival, but not quite decided yet. Keep your eyes open for more news !
But best of all, Pernilla from Kryptonite and I have booked us into a tattoo convention in the Bahamas in November !! Super Excited !!!! Wish you guys all the best! // Malin

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